• Providing implementation service in the field with full-time Environmental Engineers
  • Providing services of Environmental Officer and Obtaining Environmental Permit
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Providing Environmental Training
  • Preparation of Environmental Action Plans and Risk Analysis
  • Due diligence for compliance with environmental legislation and monitoring studies
  • Providing Technical Consultancy Service for Environmental Cases
  • Preparation of Basin Planning and  Special Provision Determination Projects
  • Water Quality Monitoring Studies in Basins
  • In dams, during the reproduction period of fishes; services for transportation of fishes from downstream to upstream, from upstream to downstream and obtaining approval for the project from the relevant institutions
  • Preparing Downstream Waster Usage Rights Report
  • Preparing Soil Protection Projects
  • Permissions for Using the Agricultural Areas
    for Non-agricultural Purposes
  • Meadow Rehabilitation Projects
  • Taking Permissions for Meadow Characteristics Change